What Can I do?

You’ve already taken the first step, which is to inform yourself about the lighting issues. For more information than is present on this site, contact us at <contact@NightSkySantaFe.Org>. 

The next step is to let the city government – the mayor and the city councilors – know what you think: you can find their emails at the city government’s web site. [If you don’t know who your councilor is, you can find out here.] 

Recommendation: email all of the councilors and the mayor. Open meeting laws mean councilors can’t compare notes to get a sense of what people throughout the city are thinking. By mailing all of the councilors you are making sure they all know what’s on the minds of city residents. 

Finally, you can stay informed: subscribe to our mailing list using the form below. We’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s happening as the city moves forward with its decision making process. 

How can I reach you?

You can reach us by email at <contact@NightSkySantaFe.Org>. Any and all questions on street lighting and safety, public health, its effect on city ambience or the environment are welcome: we will do our best to respond as accurately and factually. 

How can I keep informed?

You can sign-up for our mailing list using the form below. We’ll use this list to contact you only when there are changes or updates to this web site, or to inform or update you about opportunities for you to comment to your Councilors or the Mayor, important City meetings, or important decision points as Santa Fe moves toward a plan for its new street lighting.