Other questions

Where can I find the IES/ANSI Standard RP-8-18 (“Recommended Practice For Design And Maintenance Of Roadway And Parking Facility Lighting”)?

You can purchase a personal copy of IES/ANSI Standard RP-8-18 from the ANSI web store. It’s not cheap. You may also be able to get your hands on a copy via interlibrary loan; however, it is a specialty item and may not be available in that way. 

As a Santa Fe County resident, do I have any say in the Kelvin choice of lights in town?

Santa Fe street lighting affects the greater Santa Fe area. Many members of the city government recognize and are sensitive to that. As a county resident you should communicate your concerns and advice to both the city and county elected officials. County elected officials interact with their city counterparts regularly. The main thing is to study the issue, come to a personal opinion and communicate it to both government and everyone you know.

Is there any thought here (or elsewhere) for lighting to be extended to the 14/Turquoise Trail? Would that lighting be detrimental to the local ecosystems? Would it be worthwhile for safety?

This street lighting project will replace existing Santa Fe City street lights only. We are, at present, unaware of any similar plan for increasing street lighting in the county, or for the large-scale replacement of all existing county street lights. As a general rule, all artificial light will, to some degree, disrupt local ecosystems. Whether such lighting is important for safety is something that is best judged by reference to the IES/ANSI standards for the roads in question (vehicle and pedestrian traffic levels, speed limits) adjusted for any special circumstances by a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) expert in traffic and lighting safety. 

Would it be possible to have written guidance that property owners could use for their own home or business lighting?

Great question! We’re working on that. As soon as we have something done we’ll post it here and notify everyone on our e-mail list. You can join the list by completing the form at Take Action!

Have all the City Council Members, Staff, and Mayor been invited to this program?

Yes: personal invitations were sent to the mayor, every councilor, Director Wheeler, and City Manager LaPan-Hill. After the meeting recording was posted online, notes including a link to the recording were sent to the mayor and every councilor. 

Can you link to a map or directions to the lighting test?

Information on the demonstration project can be found at the city website SantaFeLED.Com.

What is the address of the Santa Fe New Mexican site with 2000 K lighting?

You can see 2000 K lighting at the Santa Fe New Mexican Printing Plant at 1 New Mexican Plaza. 

How do you know for sure that the color temperatures of the demo lights are 2700 and 3000 K in color?

A rough idea comes from recognizing that the light is soft-white to white in appearance (as opposed to a bold and vivid white, which would be characteristic of higher temperature lighting, or a yellowish lighting, which would be characteristic of a temperature of 2400 – 2700 K, or an amber lighting, which would be characteristic of 2000 – 2200 K). Beyond such rough estimates a particular type of light meter is required to tell the precise color temperature.